Tuesday, May 02, 2006


To protect your internet freedom right check out --

Do not confuse it with the "Hands off the Internet" group, which is an astroturf organization pretending to be grass roots protecting all of our internet access rights...

... BUT IS ACTUALLY an industry group wanting to be able to restrict and charge more for internet access. Specifically they want to fight "network neutrality" which says that when you spend you $20 or $40 or whatever per month for internet access it all comes to you at the same speed.

Without this your provider could make it faster to access, say, Amazon.com, and then SLOWER to access say iTunes. This is especially bad if you want to watch live webcasts or used VOIP. The big service providers could virtually wipe these services out if they are not required to be Net Neutral. This is exactly what government is SUPPOSED to regulate--making the playing field level for all businesses so the small companies can show us their new technologies and large companies don't force us into inferior forms simply because they have the monopolies that can kill competition.

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