Monday, December 11, 2006

Screw loose Change Blog

I am adding the Screw Loose Change Blog to my favorites links. It is a refutation of 9/11 theories and one popular conspiracy video particularly. If you have had anyone tell you that 9/11 was caused read this blog and... I thought I had another but I guess I'll have to get that one later.

Conspiracy lovers always say they want people to open their eyes and see the truth, but actually it is they who engage in the self-blinding and magical thinking. Anyone who brings a serious answer to one of their charges, the answer is either ignored (often they will keep repeating long-discredited arguments) or claim the source of the answer is one of "them." Legitimate truth seekers, even when they have a point, realize when they made mistakes. Darwin and Einstein got things right but also admitted when they got things wrong and found a new answer.

Heres another blogspot site:

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